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About the series

There are village halls situated across every county in the United Kingdom and The British Isles. They are at the heart of community life, providing a hub for social activities, classes and services. Village halls are typically used for a variety of public and private functions and events.

............ but now there is another reason to visit these great local facilities - To find a Geocache.

#673 - Frithelstock.jpeg

#673 Frithelstock

The Village Hall Series started in 2013 with the first cache placed by GeoJaxx in Denmead, Hampshire.  It has steadily grown in popularity and currently can be found in 77 counties in England, Scotland, Wales, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The geocaches can be set in any hall which is used by the community for local groups or available to hire for private functions (but not social clubs and halls for members only). They have various names including village hall, community hall, parish hall, reading room, church hall to name a few. There are thousands of halls within our communities so there is plenty of scope for the series to grow considerably. 

#785 - Dengie.jpg

#785 Dengie

With so many village halls and community centres in the British Isles, each with their own individual appearance, character and amenities, it is likely you will have one not far away from you.

Is there a hall near your which would make a great location to place a geocache of your own?

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