A potted history of the series

News, updates and significant dates


February 2021

The first cache to be placed on the Isle of Man was published in Onchan. Lockdown restrictions were eased on the Island earlier than the remainder of the UK.  An article about the placing of the cache was published in Seeker magazine. 

Updated finder awards and new CO awards were announced with a new badge to upload onto profiles showing 10 levels.


January 2021

The delivery of the 2021 neon geocoins arrived and distribution started to all those that had pre-ordered.

The facebook page reached 500 members on 14th January but following village hall Week it had 600+ members.

13th January - #900 was issued, unfortunately due to lockdown with Covid 19 no caches are being reviewed so publication is delayed. 

Village hall Week challenge was to take a selfie at a village hall due to lockdown restrictions on travel.  255 selfies were posted. 84 of them had a cache placed and 156 as potential locations for one. 

3D models of the village hall series logo have been made and are on sale via cache 'n' carry shop.


September 2020

The first village hall series cache to be published in Warwickshire was placed at Leek Wootton by mmmPIZZA

August 2020

The first two Geocachers to reach 600 finds were Kaathuul and CmdVimes

April 2020

Profile award badges are released for finders of Village hall Series caches. They depict a village hall made of different construction material. Level one starts with a mud hut for 5 - 9 finds and the badges go to level 10 which is a brick village hall (The last 3 badges will be achievable when more geocaches are published). 

January 2020

A village hall geocoin race was announced on 14th January and a new tab added to the website with details.  The race will start on the anniversary of the first cache being placed on 18th February.  All entries must be submitted by Sunday 9th February. A Geocoin race logo was added. 



December 2019

The series finished the year with 575 active caches, 29 archived caches and 20 numbers published awaiting publication. 

Thank you to everybody for your support of the series and looking forward to the see what the next decade brings the series. 

November 2019

The series reached 600 numbers issued with caches in 44 counties with recent additions in Middlesex, County Durham, Dumfries & Galloway, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire

August 2019

6000 cachers have now found a Village Hall Cache and there are 60 cachers that have found 50+ caches in the series.


July 2019

The Village Hall Series was mentioned in the Podcast show episode 94 and a competition set to find or set 3 VHS caches.


June 2019

The series reached 500 caches with the publication of GC87W5D Heydon in Norfolk by Waves117. This is a very special hall with lots of history as it was one of two remaining accommodation ex army huts from the first world war and is in a privately owned village .....more details are on the cache page.

Some Village Hall Series stats have been produced at the time of reaching 500 caches 

March 2019

The series reached a new milestone of #400 with a cache at Horton & Chalbury in Dorset

Two new counties added to the series - Kent and Caithness, Scotland

Dunnet joined the series and is the most Northerly village in mainland Great Britian.

January 2019

The first Geocoin for the series was produced to celebrate village halls week 2019

The first publication in the Channel Islands with St. Saviour, Guernsey #302

Village Hall Week was very popular with 388 geocachers earning a profile badge - 246 found either a cache or attended an event and 142 did both. Separate stats are available with more details


December 2018

The year ended with the series having 261 active caches and 20 archived caches

UK Cachemag featured a double page article about The Village Hall Series in the November-January edition

October 2018

Worcestershire is the 32nd county to be included in the series with the publication of #242 in Churchill by Airtomoreira

September 2018

The series is now on Instragram as villagehallseries and hashtag #villagehallseries

The first cache with a CHIRP beacon is published. It is a replacement of the archived #03 at Purbrook Deverall Hall GC7TPFQ

Ahernwen is the first geocaching profile to have found 200 Village Hall Series caches.

August 2018

The Facebook group reached 200 members

A new county was added to the series with #231 - Ellesborough being published in Buckinghamshire by Tetley glc

June 2018

Nine new caches added to the series in June including a new county - Herefordshire with two caches by GrumpyAlan

May 2018

On 22nd May 2018 the series reached its second milestone and GC7Q2H3 was published as #200 by Cheltcupcake.  Leckhampton in Gloucestershire is a Grade 2 listed building, built between 1897-1901 and makes a great addition to the series and ideal milestone cache. The series took 4 years 9 months to reach the first 100 caches but has expanded quickly and taken only 6 months to grow from #100 - #200

East Sussex has its first VHS cache published by Gatwick Girl bringing the series to 24 counties.

The first T5 Village hall cache was published in Trethurgy, Cornwall by spooky_luke

April 2018

New county added - Nottinghamshire has a VHS cache published in Ravenshead by Kabsat76 which brings the series to 23 counties

The Isle of Wight have their first Village Hall Series caches published - #169 St Lawrence and #170 - Niton

March 2018

Penwood Plodders added 7 new caches on the border of North Hampshire/Berkshire

Budock Water which was one of the original Cornish caches and first published in October 2015 but archived in November 2017 was replaced with a new version of #28 by the same CO’s (Fine&Brave)

February 2018

20 new caches are published this month helped particularly by Wandering Druid around Wiltshire and Poshrule who placed caches in both Cambridgeshire and Somerset.  

Gloucestershire is added to the map with #145 Swinton Village by Cheltcupcake

Scotland had its first wherigo published in Livingston, West Lotian #134

January 2018

The series grew very quickly during the month with nearly daily requests for numbers.  22 caches were added in January alone with a many caches added in Wiltshire by Wandering Druid and in Hampshire by Happy Panda and Ginge8784 who reached 6 caches around Alton.


Wiltshire also saw the first Earth cache to be added to the series – Chilton Foliat. It was first published in December 2017 but not included in the series to start with.


Northamptonshire’s first village hall cache was published in Thurning -  #125


January saw Wales get the first cache in the series #130 in Pontlliw near Swansea was placed by Jabawokee.


The first National village hall week was 22nd January – 28th January and to celebrate this a souvenir could be added to the profile of anybody finding a cache from the series during this week. 102 cachers qualified for the souvenir and logged 221 found logs over 83 caches in the series.   


December 2017

The series had grown quickly during the year this was helped by a few CO’s that placed multiple caches – LizMar2010 covering Devon and Cornwall border with Village Hall caches, and Tadley Trailbrazers starting a trend for more caches in North Hampshire. By the end of the year there had been 113 caches published in the series.

Look-sharp placed the first cache in Oxfordshire in December and the last cache of the year for the series was the first wherigo cache in Blackborough #113

Due to requests from a few cachers  the Village Hall Series facebook page was created on 1st December 2017.

November 2017

The series reached it’s first milestone and #100 was a letterbox placed by heartradio and included a bespoke stamp in a unique container – a very worthy to celebrate the series reaching 100


October 2017

The Village Hall website is launched – www.villagehallseries.wixsite.com/geocaching  and the village hall series logo designed and added to cache pages.


September 2017

Derbyshire joined the series with two caches by rphminiz

The series had it’s first puzzle cache placed by Lizmar2010 in Holsworthy


August 2017

Cambridgeshire had the first Village Hall Series cache placed by Mole125 who also added the first letterbox cache to the series in Bluntisham.



This year saw the series spread extensively in Cornwall and also spreading into to many new counties.

Wiltshire and Somerset had their first publications in July and in Essex #53, which was a 2012 cache was renamed to be included in the series.

Scotland had it’s first Village Hall cache when a previously published cache was renamed to join the series.  The series finished the year at #59


December 2015

By the end of 2015 there have been 15 added during the year and the series is now up to #36


October 2015

The series suddenly takes off in Cornwall with Fine&Brave placing caches in six Village Halls and making the series popular with Cornish cachers who began to request more numbers.


August 2015

After a year of no publications Rake is added and West Sussex has its first village Hall Series cache at Plaistow (now archived)


August 2014

The first caches in Devon are published #23 and #24 and are the only two caches to add to the series in the whole of 2014


December 2013

At the end of 2013 there are 22 Village Hall series caches by 11 CO’s


March 2013

The first cache outside of Hampshire – Thursley in surrey is published on 03.03.13

Burpham published in 2011 is renamed to join the series at the end of March


February 2013  

The first cache was placed in Denmead, Hampshire on 18.02.13 followed by another 10 locally by four different CO’s

village hall series

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