village hall series

Village Hall Geocoin Race

Village Hall Geocoin Race 2020

There are 32 entries in the race which starts on 18th February 2020 this is 7 years to the day that the first Village Hall Series cache was placed and and the winner will be the geocoin with the most points on 18th February 2021.

Points will be awarded for the following 

Longest mileage jump when placed

The challenge is to get the longest mileage jump between caches when dropped off.
One point per whole mile on the final drop off log will be awarded.
Visit logs do not count for this challenge but may reduce the size of the jump from the previous cache.
Only one drop off log per cacher will be counted.

Photo of the coin with with a village hall in the background

200 points awarded for a photo taken when the geocoin has either visited or been dropped off at a Village Hall Series Geocache.


The most cachers to move the coin on

100 points will be awarded for every cacher that moves the coin - so please move it on as quickly as possible so that another cacher can pick it up. Discovered logs do not count.
Points awarded only once per caching account that moves the geocoin.

Stats will be displayed on this website with monthly updates.

2020 edition geocoins are still available for sale and cost £15 plus P&P. Please email but entry to the race is now closed.

Clicking the buttons below will take you to each Geocoin in the race 

Race positions will be updated regularly throughout the race.

March stats are 2 weeks into the race. 

  • 23 Geocoins have been picked up from their initial drop off and have started earning points

  • 4 Geocoins have been dropped off but not yet picked up from the initial cache

  • 5 Geocoins have not been dropped in a cache yet

1st April 2020 stats

  • 24 Geocoins have been picked up and are being moved

  • 3 Geocoins have been dropped off but not picked up yet

  • 5 Geocoins have not been dropped in a cache yet

Due to covid-19  restrictions most movement of Geocoins in the race has temporarily ceased. 

Race Positions 1st april 2020

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