village halls week 2022

Monday 24th January - Sunday 30th January 2022

Village Hall Week Events

There were 36 events organised for village hall week 2022 including a CITO and two Community Celebration events.  Three of the events are combined with local monthly meets. 


Profile Badges

Geocache Profile Badges for Village Halls Week

You can choose between 4 profile badges depending on your finds during the week. 

Profile badge 1 - Geocache found

Profile badge 2 - Event attended

Profile badge 3 - Geocache found & Event attended

Profile badge 4 - Co's that have hosted an event or published a cache during Village Hall week.


If you find a VHS Cache or attend an event 24th  -30th January 2022 and wish to add the badge to your profile

please follow these instructions.

  • Log onto (via the website not an app)

  • Click your name or avatar at the top of the page

  • Click 'Your public profile' on the right of the page (above your number of finds)

  • Click Edit your profile on the old page format or the settings cog on the new page format

  • Scroll to 'about'

  • Copy the following html link into the box for your preferred profile badge

Profile Badge 1 - Geocache Found​

​<img src="" height="152">

Profile Badge 2 Event Attended

<img src="" height="152">

Profile Badge 3  Geoache found and Event attended

<img src="" height="152">

Profile Badge 4 Cache Owners badge for hosting or placing a cache/event
<img src="" height="152">

  • Save changes

  • View your profile


Selfie Challenge 2022

After the popularity of the 2021 Selfie challenge which was introduced due to the county being in Covid lockdown, the challenge will be repeated again this year. 

To claim the badge

  • Visit your local village hall (it doesn’t matter if there is no cache there yet, if you have already found it or you own the cache)

  • Take a selfie at the hall (if you do not want to include your face a thumbs up selfie is fine)

  • Post your photo on the Village Hall Series - Geocaching Facebook page or on Instagram tag @villagehallseries 

  • In your post include your geocaching name, the name of the Village Hall and either the GC number or ‘No Geocache here yet’ and the hashtag #villagehallselfie

  • If you do not access to social media then email your selfie or thumbs up photo and the information listed above to

The hall can be a Village hall, Parish hall, Community Centre, Reading room, Church hall etc. As long as it is a local hall for the community to use for groups and activities.

2022 selfie website  link.jpeg


To add the badge to your profile please follow these instructions.

  • Log onto

  • Click your name or avatar at the top of the page

  • Click 'Your public profile' (on the left on the new profile or on the right on the old profile page)

  • Click on the settings cog 

  • Scroll to 'about'

  • Copy the following link into the box and save

<img src="" height="152">

Selfie Challenge Photos 2022


Village Hall Week Statistics 2022