Adding a cache to the series

Setting out the cache page and requesting a number

adding to the series

If you would like to place a cache of your own in the Village Hall Series you are very welcome to.  When requesting a number please include the name of the village hall and county along with your geocaching name and email address. 

You will be sent a word document which includes the Village Hall Series logo for the background image along with some text about the series to add to your page and your own cache number.  

When the cache has been published pleased can you notify me again and I will add it to the bookmark list.

Setting out the cache page

The cache can be any type at present the series consists of traditional, multi letterbox, earth, wherigo and mystery caches and range from simple cache and dashes to T5 needing specialist equipment or needed a chirp beacon.

The cache can be any size container and the cache page will include the series information sent to you but if you would like to add a bit of information about the hall and a photo if possible that would enhance the page however it is not required.

The logo will be sent to you to be added as a background image but if you would also like to add it on the main page please feel free.

If you are ready to request a number or would like any additional details

please follow the link below.

If there is a delay of more than two weeks in publishing the cache after requesting a number, please contact me and keep me updated with the progress


village hall series

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