village halls week 2020



Geocache Profile Badges for Village Halls Week

You can choose between 3 profile badges depending on your finds during the week. 

Profile badge 1 - Geocache found

Profile badge 2 - Event attended

Profile badge 3 - Geocache found & Event attended

3 badges.jpeg

If you find a VHS Cache or attend an event 20th - 26th January 2020 and wish to add the badge to your profile

please follow these instructions.

  • Log onto

  • Click your name or avatar at the top of the page

  • Click 'Your public profile' on the right of the page (above your number of finds)

  • Click Edit your profile on the old page format or the settings cog on the new page format

  • Scroll to 'about'

  • Copy the following html link into the box for your preferred profile badge

Profile Badge 1 - Geocache Found​

​<img src=""/>

Profile Badge 2 Event Attended

<img src=""/>

Profile Badge 3  Geoache found and Event attended

<img src=""/>

  • Save changes

  • View your profile

Village Hall event locations

A bookmark list of events being hosted for village halls week 2020 can be found here

list of events 2020image1.jpeg
events 2020image0.jpeg

Village halls week 2020 Statistics

2020 saw a big increase in the number of events hosted, geocaches placed and cachers achieving the profile badges. The statistics below were produced on 30th January 2020

2020 Village halls week stats.jpg